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If you are outside of Madrid or outside Spain, our team of Immigration Lawyers can advise you through an online call or a video conference call.

We use Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. It is very simple, you just have to follow those steps:


a) Sign and agree the Data protection agreement – Follow this link:

Data protection 

b) Send us an e-mail indicating your intention of having a consultation, and if you wish, you can add to the e-mail all the documents over which you consider you need an advice.

c) Make your appointment, you can pay the amount of the consultation with a credit or debit card with a Paypal account.

Make the payment through the following link:


When we receive the payment, we will call you by phone and / or send you an email to arrange the day and time of the consultation.
You can make your query for a period of thirty minutes or one hour.

The amount of the Consultation by Skype/Whatsapp is 50 euros for a time lapse of 30-40 minutesr.

It is possible to make the consultation from outside Spain, by any means of communication.

Our Ayalex Lawyer in charge of the Skype meeting will be confirmed by e-mail depending on type of consultation.  


Available languages: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Romana.


If you have any problem or doubt about this procedure, you can write to us at:



  1. The given amount may be discounted later, in case you decide to work with us and need our Team to assist you in Spain (administrative or Court procedures, etc.).
  2. The given amounts include VAT and the invoice will be served at the end of the procedures.
  3. No returns will be made over the paid amounts.
  4. The payment link does not work with all versions of the browsers. If you have problems with the download, we suggest the following alternatives: Update your browser version; or, Access from another browser (Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

Thank you.


AYALEX LAWYERS & CONSULTANTS is part of MyLA (My Lawyer, an international network of independent lawyers in different Countries, serving similar sectors and sharing common standards.

We are able to offer a multi-country or cross border service to international customers. The members of the network have come together to offer professional services at the highest standards.


Contracting a Lawyer abroad won’t be a risky business anymore.



Feel free to CONTACT us and /or request a CALL BACK and we will be back to you asap.

+34 654 904 735

Thank you for your trust.

First legal opinion by phone is completely free!*

*In almost all cases Lawyers costs money. Still, this FREE CALL enables you to see whether you have a legal problem and really need profesional advice.


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