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Specialists in international matters

As a foreigner in Spain, things may happen, conflicts may arise, and you want a Specialist to deal with your case.


As Certified Attorneys and Gestores Administrativos, AYALEX is considered an expert Law Firm in all areas of international private law, immigration, business, family, real estate, taxes, etc, specializing in complex cases.

International law

International law takes on many different forms, all of which require utilizing our experience in multiple practice areas to bring about the most favorable outcome.

Multiple jurisdictions

In AYALEX, we help our international clients know their rights and their options when a dispute arises in Spain, while considering the effects in their home Country.

International Family Law

International divorce cases, international child custody and relocation, family sponsored immigration, estate planning, inheritance and probate for non-residents, child support and alimony, foreign birth registration, getting married abroad, prenuptial agreements with a foreign fiancé or spouse, and enforcement of a foreign divorce judgment in Spain.

International business

Opening a Spanish subsidiary, foreign business investments in Spain, real estate investment, cross-border joint ventures, and partnerships, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, distributor, licensing, and franchising arrangements, foreign tax strategy, Customs for import and export, employment-based visa applications, and more.

Immigration in Spain:

visas & residence permits, investor /golden visas, student visas, work permits, EU citizens, EU family member residency, family reunification, rooting, asylum, international mobility or Spanish nationality. More than 3.000 immigration cases won. We are the best immigration lawyers in Madrid offering custom made and reliable solutions for your immigration appeals.

Invest in Spain with confidence

We can assist you to navigate the legal aspects of the transaction process, safeguarding your interests and expediting talks, whether you're going to invest, sell or purchase a property in Spain.

Preventive counseling is

cheaper than a lawsuit.

Avoid trouble. Protecting yourself in your day to day will cost you very little. .

As a general rule, you must have resided in Spain for 10 years in a legal, and continuous manner immediately prior to the application. 🛑 Except if: – ✋Five years: refugee status. – ✌️Two years: national of Latin American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, or Sephardic origin. – ☝️One year: If born in Spanish territory. If not duly exercise right to acquire Spanish nationality by option. If legally under the guardianship of a Spanish citizen or institution for two consecutive years. If married to a Spanish citizen for one year and not separated. If widow/er of a Spanish national. If you were born outside Spain of father or mother, (also born outside Spain), grandfather or grandmother, provided that all of them had been originally Spanish.

Ways to obtain Spanish citizenship

What can we do for you? * Support throughout the process * Mediation between the seller/buyer or agent * Analysis & documents review * Negotiation of the terms of the contracts * Advise on the investment * Clarifying doubts & questions during the process * Acting through POA on your behalf

Buy a properety in Spain

    International business law experts

    To support your business

    As cross-border business grows increasingly subject to disruptive shifts in markets, industries and geopolitical realities, effective international counsel becomes even more crucial.

    Doing business today often involves interacting with legal and business questions and complications involving multiple jurisdictions.

    AYALEX represents Spanish and foreign clients in cross-border transactions, disputes and regulatory matters.  


    anytime you need legal assistance

    While most legal issues can be resolved on the phone or at our office, AYALEX has local counsel in place throughout the country for legal services in specific jurisdictions.