The Spanish non lucrative residency permit




Non-EU nationals who wish to establish their residence in Spain, but do not wish to work, do businesses or purchase a property in Spain. It is for business people or leisure travelers wanting to travel in, out and throughout Europe (Schengen Area).
The permit grants all the privileges available to European residents, and offers the possibility to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after the required years of residency in Spain.
This type of residence permit does not allow to work or do business in Spain.



Ayalex Abogados is an International Law firm formed by a qualified team of professionals with a broad experience in immigration. We will assist you in the process of obtaining your Spanish Residency, advising and assessing you on the most suitable option, based on the requirements and your specific needs and situation. We will provide legal, tax and financial advise on your investment, and will guide you through the entire process.



• Your direct family members can also apply for this permit

• Travel freely within the Schengen area

• No need to buy a property in Spain

• Up to 5 years of residence without working in Spain

• After 5 years of residence in Spain, possibility to apply for permanent residency and later for citizenship

TIMEFRAME Two to five months once application and all required documents are submitted.


If you meet the requirements listed below, you are eligible to apply for the Spanish Non-Working Visa /Non-Working Residency Permit:

•You are a non European national ;
•You are of legal age (over 18);
•You have No Criminal record;
•You are free of any contagious disease as per Intl. Health Regulation;
•You have not entered or stayed irregularly in Spanish territory;
•You have not been refused entry in any of the Schengen countries;
•You are able to proof source of your own funds;
•You have enough financial resources to live in Spain for the period of residence for you and your direct family members (at least 26.000€/year per the applicant and at least 7.000€ for each additional direct family member (spouse, children of minor age);
•You are able to have a valid health insurance policy in Spain;
•You have or will have a place to live in Spain (purchase, rental, etc.);
•If purchasing a property, able to pay the applicable property purchase taxes and fees (approx. 15%) over the purchasing price.

You want to apply?
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