We offer general advice on Immigration issues, and advise the best option on a basis of specific circumstances. Feel free to book a consultation.



Residence and work permit as an employed, or as a self-employed. Temporary residence and work permit renewal as a self-employed or as an employed. Fixed term temporary residence and work permit as an employed. Permanent residence permit and residence renewal. Residence permits (family reunification, social roots, working roots, exceptional circumstances). Temporary renewal of the residence permit when the case (no working visa, reunification, etc.). Permit due to exceptional circumstances on the basis of international protection reasons, on the basis of humanitarian reasons, due to cooperation with administrative, police, fiscal or judicial authorities, and other exceptional circumstances.



Modification from the student residence permits situation, to the residence and work as an employed or a self-employed situation. Modification from the residence situation to the residence and work situation. Modification from the reunified residence permit to the residence and work situation. Modification from the EU or relative situation to the residence and work as an employed, as a self-employed, and no working residence situation.



Processing of governmental report to obtain residence visa on a basis of family reunification. Advice and processing of nonworking residence permit for high-ranking official relatives or similar, from their origin country until their arrival to Spain. Stay and residence for minors.



Research and studying permit. / Renewal for research and studying permit. Students and researchers foreign relatives.



Residence and work permit as Entrepreneur. Golden Visa, Invest in Spain. Property in Spain.

(The  full  Pack  includes  Comprehensive  consulting for  the  Business  plan  and  Tax  advising  +  Full Immigration File).



Our service includes Comprehensive consulting  for Real Estate, Property burden  checking, Sale /Purchase private contracts, Deeds and Notary Public attendance, Tax Processing and Real Estate Property Registration

+ Full Immigration Process (Main Solicitant + spouse + children under 21)

+ 1st year of consultancy for your Taxes obligations.



Register certificate of the EU residents; modification, drop or cancelation of the register certificate for EU residents. Residence card for UE citizen relatives and Renewal. Register certificate as a permanent UE resident.




Appeals, Request for consideration, Contentious Administrative appeals.



NIE, Request of the Foreign residence permit number, Registry to the Tax Authority, Certificates, Stay renewal, Municipal registration certificate, Invitation letter, Registration certificate, Travel title, Assistance & Advice on: opening a Bank account, renting a flat, Degrees and school certificates, Medical & Health Insurances for students and nonworking residence, etc.

Extra tasks*: Extra tasks required by the client or tasks that are not already included in the specific  proceeding.


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International markets, multiculturalism, multinational companies, cross nations interests, migration, international marriages /divorce, international taxation and so on, represent a growing reality to which Lawyers from all around the world must adapt. If becoming a Lawyer has always been difficult, being an international Lawyer is even more difficult. The skills required, knowledge and different languages makes International advising extremely difficult.

Thus said, we fully understand the International environment, the challenges of cross border issues and the problems a person or company may face in a foreign Country. And, in order to offer professional results and be able to face the ever-changing needs of individuals travelling, moving or living abroad, companies  operating at an international level, and lots of other cross border issues, we have developed an integrated network of Independent lawyers that makes this process as smooth as possible.

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