Why buy a shelf company

Why buy a Shelf Company in Spain


Buying a shelf company offers many advantages for setting up a new business mainly by speeding the process of starting the activity and requiring less documentation. However, it is totally recommendable to first check the economic background, assets and liabilities of a company before purchasing it.

You may employ for this purpose a due diligence service from our law firm in Spain. Our specialists can determine the legal status of the target company that you intend to buy, and prevent you from making an uninspired purchase.

Another advantage of buying a shelf company is that you are no longer affected by the liability implied by the foundation of a new company. Moreover, a well-chosen ready-made company can provide you with a clean background and trustworthy history which may help you in the accessing of bank credits for your business.

Our law firm in Spain can offer you professional legal support with the acquisition and administration of your company in this country. Please feel free to  Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with the elaboration of the purchase contract for any shelf company in Spain.

Please feel free to  Contact us, we will be happy to assist you during all the process in Spain.


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