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AyAlex is a generalist and multidisciplinary Law Firm specialised in advising and representing individuals and companies all over the world, that through personal attention and direct customer service, offers legal service ranging from preventive advice, up to defend their interests in front of the Administration of Justice. AyAlex is formed by lawyers and advisors specialized in different practice areas of law: Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Tax, Labor, Criminal, etc. and International Private Law. We have extensive professional experience to provide competent legal assistance, whatever the scenario, personalized, fast, efficient and discrete.

Preventive counseling is cheaper than a lawsuit. Avoid the problems. Protecting yourself in your day to day will cost you very little.

Our Services

Practice Areas: AyAlex is formed by lawyers and advisors specialized in different areas of law: Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Tax, Labor, Criminal, etc. and International Private Law.


If you need expert advice on any aspect of family law, Ayalex is the place to turn. Our family lawyers are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable in everything from marriage and divorce to issues involving children. Ranging from child welfare, adoption, child abuse, legitimacy, civil unions, domestic partnerships through marriages and divorces. And, as the majority of our customers are foreigners, they receive assistance from specialists in international divorce law. If you have to settle your divorce in Spain, we are your best choice.


Our attorneys will represent you in the context of civil disputes, in front of all the competent courts in Spain; we will offer our expertise in litigation, extracontractual and contractual liability, debts, execution of contracts, etc., and in Real estate, buying a house in Spain, renting and eviction, condominium, construction, etc.


We offer general advice on Immigration; Procedures, Requirements, Residence, work and multiple visas; Work and residence permits; Family reunification; Long-term residence; Student visas, mobility; Residence authorizations due to exceptional circumstances (Arraigo), Modifications and Renewal of authorizations; Return Authorization; Minors of age; And in general, dministrative and consular procedures related to foreigners.



Main services: Defense in criminal trials; minors; Assistance to the detainee; Private accusation; Assistance before Courts; Economic crimes: misappropriation, fraud, falsehoods, corporate crimes; Traffic accidents, alcohol, speeding, disobedience to authority, reckless driving; Crimes against property: theft, theft, damage, fraud; Crimes against family rights and duties: abandonment of family, non-payment of pensions; Internet crimes, etc.



Specialized in the defense of the consumer in front of the Financial Institutions in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, we provide legal advice and judicial representation in all types of bank-client relations, always watching over your interests.



We offer expert advice for the extrajudicial resolution of conflicts, but also legal assistance in all types of proceedings in Court. Services: Contracts; Layoffs; Settlements and indemnities; Claims for quantity; Social Security; Substantial modification of working conditions; Work accidents; mobility; Work disabilities; medical discharges; Pensions; etc..



At AyALex we have specialized lawyers in Business Law. Ayalex will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic compliance, contracts, commercial agreements, employment, taxes, etc., to formal business incorporation, lawsuits or liability. Contact us today because: "If you are being sued, usually it's too late".


AyAlex counts with 10+ years of expertise in International Trade Law and Business. We are a multicultural and multilingual global team, able to communicate and negotiate at an international level, always serving the best business interests of our clients, offering an important competitive advantage in the worldwide Marketplace.



Taxes, tax procedures, sanctions, tax offense files; Tax planning; Tax on Companies, VAT, etc .; Tax planning of individuals: Income, Heritage and Inheritance Tax; Due Diligence; International taxation: Taxation of impatriates and expatriates; mobility, Non Resident Tax Declaration, etc.

About us

Multidisciplinary Law firm

AyALex is is a well-established law firm based in Madrid, representing national and international customers all around Spain. Our firm is made up of legal experts in a wide range of areas including Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Immigration, Tax, Labor, Criminal, etc. and International Private Law. We are highly specialized in Local and International Divorces, Family Law matters, Real Estate, Corporate & Commercial Law, Civil Disputes, Criminal Law (white & blue collar crimes), Litigation and Mediation.

Our commitment

Here at Ayalex, we pride ourselves on meeting our client’s needs, giving them advice they can trust. We know that every case is different and we look to solve your legal issues in a practical way, adapted to your circumstances. We get to know our clients and fully understand their immediate needs and long-term goals. Whether you require our services in Spain or from a different Country, we guarantee a personalised service and take the time to explain your options clearly in a language you can understand. Our level of commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated in the successful outcomes for our clients, and the ongoing success of our firm.

Expertise, National & International

AyALex yALex offers a comprehensive and specialized service in all matters of law related to both private activity and business, nationally and internationally. Our firm integrates professionals with diverse legal and linguistic training, allowing us to focus especially on the international aspects of law. We can offer our customers a wide experience in cross nations matters in international private law.

Trust and Confidentiality

We assist you from the beginning, advising you at all times about the development and evolution of your case, your relations with the opposing party, and your relationships with public administrations and organizations. We provide advice and representation to make you feel comfortable, and can assist you regardless of the complexity of your case, ensuring maximum confidentiality at all times.

Contact details

  •   +34 654 904 735
  •   C/Alberto Aguilera 33, 1ºi
  •   28015 Madrid
  •   info@ayalex.com


Let us help you with a quick and professional solution to your legal matters. If you have an enquiry, please contact us:

You are invited to e-mail us at info@ayalex.com
And feel free to call us at 0034 654 904 735 during office hours.
For urgent matters outside office hours, you can also call us.


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Our Services Practice Areas: AyAlex is formed by lawyers and advisors specialized in different areas of law: Civil, Administrative, Commercial, Tax, Labor, Criminal, etc. and International Private Law.


Call us: 

0034 654 904 735  (Español, English, Français, Italiano, Română & ++)

646 819 990 (Español)


 Madrid Toledo Talavera de la Reina
 C/Alberto Aguilera 33, 1ºIzq., 28015 C/Lagunas de Ruidera 14 Bajo, 45007Avda Príncipe Felipe 29, Dcha. 24, 45600


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